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Upcoming Local Events

There are a few upcoming, local events that we’ve had the privilege to sponsor this year and we would like to encourage you to check them out. 

On March 24th, Notre Dame School will be holding their Annual Spring Gala Auction at Butte Creek Country Club.  Notre Dame School will be celebrating their 30th anniversary of their Spring Gala.  This event is a major fundraiser for the school and has grown to be a social tradition in Chico.  At the event there will be a dinner and auction where we have provided a car wash basket that is full of car care goodies, tokens and an ExpressKEY. Many other prizes will be raffled off to support the school.  As a direct result of the previous Spring Gala Auction’s the school has been able to provide scholarships for qualifying families, a new technology lab, an art program, and a new updated reading program. If you’re interested in tickets or donating contact Notre Dame School at 342-2502 for more information.

Also on March 24th, California Deer Association – Chico Chapter will be holding their Annual Banquet and Auction at the Elks Lodge in Chico.  This event is one of the premier events in Northern California where there is a guarantee to be great food, fun with friends, and an opportunity to support California deer herds and wildlife.  This year California Car Wash is proud to contribute to this event by providing car wash buckets where three lucky winners will receive T-shirts, car care products and an ExpressKEY to use around the facility.  If you would like to contribute or are interested in attending the event you can contact Margo at 530-345-7296.

On April 13th, the Tehama Firefighters Burn & Benevolent Fund will be holding an a benefit dinner at Rolling Hills Casino for Jake Whitlock.  Jake is a seasonal firefighter who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The tumor has affected Jake’s ability to work and it is anticipated that the family will endure severe financial hardship.  At the dinner there will be great raffle prizes, an excellent dinner, refreshments and an evening of al around fun.  California Car Wash will be donating a car wash basket to the event where a lucky winner will be presented with car care items and car wash tokens.  If you are interested in donating or attending contact Kent at 530-938-2322.

On May 5th, the Active Chico 20/30 International will be holding their 6th Annual Margarita Mix-Off at The Manzanita Place.  There will be lots of fun at this event including: a Margarita Tasting Contest, a Catered Taco Bar, a Complimentary Beer bar, DJ and Dancing, a Photo Booth, Door Prizes, and a Silent Auction. The Active Chico 20/30 International’s goal is to improve the quality of life for the children in our local community through fundraising and hands-on events, while developing leadership skills, and have fun in the process! This is one of their great events  that helps them achieve their goal in supporting our community.  California Car Wash is supporting the event by donating a car wash basket full of goodies.  If you are interested in attending the event, donating to the event or joining their team click here to visit their website. 

We are proud to sponsor these local events and hope that you’re able to check them out!


California Car Wash in Chico California

Welcome to the north state’s most state-of-the-art self- serve carwash!  We are conveniently located on the north end of the Esplanade in Chico, California and are locally owned and operated.  With our automatic touch or touch-free carwashes and five hand bays we have choices for everyone.

We start with the newest in technology available with our Touchless carwash bay with four levels of washes to choose from.  Just make your selection and drive on in.  For those who prefer the brushes our Feathertouch carwash is right next door.  It also has four levels of washes to choose from.

For those do-it-yourselfer’s, next we have five self-serve hand wash bays all with hot water and hot water applications.  With loads of options such as pre-soak, triple foam conditioner and clear coats you car will be sure to shine! We have eight vacuums equipped with shampoo and fragrances available at each of the four interior cleaning stations.

Our payment types are just as varied as our products with plenty of choices for everyone.  We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover or you may purchase tokens and/or an express key.

“Express Key” is the newest in payment technology available.  You purchase a key with a set amount of money.  Then you just insert the key in whichever product you are using and it will deduct the money from the key as you use it.  No more having to stop to add more quarters or tokens!!  And it’s reusable! When you have used up all the money on the key you simply reload more money.  They make great gifts as well!

So come visit our new facility located at 150 Commercial Avenue on the corner of Esplanade between Eaton Road and Shasta Avenue.  Our bays and driveways are wide enough to accommodate SUVs, trucks, limousines, boats, trailers and motorhomes with ease.  We are confident that once you have visited our facility you won’t be able to wait to come back!