Monthly Archives: June 2012


We can not believe June is here.  This is usually the ramping up for our busy summer season, but BOY HOWDY May was a busy month for us!  It was aMAYzing!

That crazy “dirt rain” in the middle of May that left Chico’s cars a mess was great for business and we were so lucky to have so many awesome and patient customers.  The lines were stacked for both the Feathertouch and Touchless automatic car washes with an average of 6 to 8 cars in line for each! The five hand bays also drew a crowd with a 3 car line up at times throughout the 3 days of mass cleaning.  Although the traffic through our little family owned car wash was great, the best part was meeting all our wonderful customers!

For those 3 days we stayed close by; usually directing traffic, explaining the differences in friction and touch-free automatic washes and just chit-chatting with our customers.  We have such a diverse customer base and it was so fun getting to know each and everyone of them.  We got to share lunch with business people on their lunch breaks; who grabbed their food and waited in “the line” with us.  We got to enjoy “play time” with mothers and their beautiful children; who love the colorful foams and smells of the drive-thru car washes.  We also got to treat our little furry friends; we have treats for all the doggies (big or small) if you see one of us on the premises – grab a snack for your pet!

I guess we really just wanted to say thank you to our aMAYzing customers! We appreciate every single one of you and we are so lucky to serve you all!


Folks waiting for the Hand Bays


Folks waiting for the Automatics; Feathertouch and Touchless